Most of the actual record companies, jazz magazines and many of the fellow musicians have been approached but very few have had the time to make any contributions to this work.

Fortunately, there are exceptions. See for instance Marc Edwards´ contrubution in the bio section. And I will especially thank Rudolph Grey for his time consuming research work.

Val Wilmers for her generous approach. Lars-Olof Gustavsson for the access to his unique collection of music and Stanley Crouch for his wonderful way of expressing feelings in words.

Karen Borca has, in adition to let me hear some rare tapes, given important information and I'm sure that much more could have been added if we have had the opportunity to talk face to face.

Guy Kopelowicz has kindly sent me his photographs from Paris and these photographs can be seen in the Portfolio Section.

In my work to release "Jimmy Lyons - The Box Set" on my label Ayler Records, the help from Ben Young and Ed Hazell has also helped me in the work with the Sessionography.

John Garside knows all my Swenglish mistakes and has corrected them to the Queen's English.

The following people have given me tapes, reference materials, pictures or ideas. They have found expensive records for me or they have just tried to be helpful.

Thank you all! I hope you'll enjoy reading the Sessionography!

Folke Andersson, Gothenburg, Sweden

Roger Bergner, Stockholm, Sweden

Gordon Blewis, Merion, PA, USA

Karen Borca ,NYC, USA

Henrika Boer, Amsterdam, Holland

Sven Boija, Stockholm, Sweden

David Brown, Sheffield, England

Jon Christensen, Norway

Hugo de Craen, Antwerpen, Belgium
Pierre Crépon, France

Stanley Crouch, NYC, USA

Peter Currie, Toronto, Canada

Andrew Cyrille, Montclair, NJ, USA

Nils Edström Stockholm, Sweden

Marc Edwards, NY, USA

Jules Epstein, Philadelphia, USA

Hans Fallenius, Kenya Photographs

Dominic Fragman, St Leonard, MD, USA

Michael Frohne, Germany

Joel Futterman, Norfolk, Virginia

John Garside, Orpington, England

Geller Chris, Los Angeles, CA, USA
David Gitin, Monterey, CA, USA

Jonny Graan, Stockholm, Sweden, Photographs

Byron F Greatorex, Searsmont, ME, USA

Rudolph Grey, NYC, USA

Lars-Olof Gustavsson, Stockholm, Sweden

Ed Hazell, Sommerville, USA

Christoph Havers, Neuss, Germany

Tony Herrington, London, GB

Don Hoffman, Hayward, CA, USA

Jason Hook, Austin, USA

Ernie Hoover, Grand Rapids, ML, USA

Harald Hult, Stockholm, Sweden

Eddy Janssrns, Brussels, Belgium

Steven Joerg, NYC, USA

Mike Johnston, Mt Pleasant, MI, USA
Arne Jönsson, Stockholm, Sweden, Photographs

Alan Kayser, Florida, USA

Richard Koloda, Seven Hills, Ohio, USA

Tom Kohler, Oberdorf, Switzerland

Guy Kopelowicz, Paris, Photographs

Peter Kowald, Germany

Keith Knox, Stockholm, Sweden

Franz Krieger, Graz, Austria

Claude Lefevre, Cambrai, France

John Lindberg, Valencia, CA

Heinrich Lukas Lindenmaier, Freiburg, Germany, Photograh

Jens Lindgren, Stockholm, Sweden

Jan Lohman, Farum, Denmark

Rick Lopez, Erie, USA

Bruce Louden, El Paso, TX, USA

Ronald E. Lyles, West Hartford, CT, USA

André Martinez, Staten Island, USA

Daniel Mathys, Bonheiden, Belgium

Fred W McDarrah, NYC, USA, Photographs

Brian McMillan, Montara, CA, USA, Photographs

Gunnar Moreite, Oslo, Norway

Roy Morris, Angus, Scotland, UK

Ras Moshe Burnett, NYC

Sunny Murray, Paris, France

Brian Nation, USA

Bengt "Frippe" Nordström, Stockholm, Sweden

Steve Reynolds, West Orange, NJ, USA

Ludwig Reiz, Mantel, Germany

Ed Rhodes, NYC, USA

Raymond Ross, NYC, USA, Photographs

Norbert Ruecker, Schmitten, Germany

George Scala, USA

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Belgium

Ken Simmon, NYC, USA

Leni Sinclair, USA, Photograph
Heinrich Smejkal ,Bockfliess, Austria

Axel Stumpf, Wulfrath, Germany

Bertil Sundin, Stockholm, Sweden

Lars Sundström, Stockholm, Sweden
Allan Sutherland, Naka, Japan

Oluyemi Thomas, Oakland, USA
Phong Tran, Silver Spring, MD, USA.

Peeter Uuskyla, Kungälv, Sweden

Val Wilmer, London, England, Photographs
Innis Wilson, England, Photograph

Russell Woessner, Philadelphia, USA
Woznicki Tom, USA
Benjamin Young, Brooklyn, USA

Bobby Zankel, USA















Photograph by Guy Kopelowicz from Paris, November 1966.

Copyright by Guy Kopelowicz