All photographs on this page are Copyrighted by Guy Kopelowicz






Three photgraphs from Club Jazzland, Paris

November 1966.
























Photographs from rehearsal and concert  at Faculté de Droit, Paris

Sessions No. 66-1030 and 66-1031











Rehearsl at Maison de la Radio, Paris.

Session No. 66-1102-04












 Photographs below are taken at November 1966 during the making of the TV film 'Les Grandes Répétitions' by Luc Ferrari and Gérard Patris.

See Session No. 66-1205-07.











Cecil Taylor Quartet in France, Oktober 1966.

This gallery cover photographs from concerts and rehearsals in Paris during the visit in November / December, 1966 by Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons, Alan Silva and Andrew Cyrille.

Photographs from Fondation Maeght, Saint Paul de Vence, France.

July 29, 1969.

Cecilt Taylor.

Jimmy Lyons,

Sam Rivers,

Andrew Cyrille.